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Meet the Team

Conference Center Coordinator & Administrative Assistant, Tricia Degnan

Tricia Degnan

CTC Building Manager & Conference Center Manager

Tricia was hired by the Port of Chelan County in 2004 to assist in daily operations at the CTC.
Tricia has been managing the CTC since 2018.  Prior to 2018, she acted as Conference Center Coordinator for our Video-conference and Meeting Center for 13 years.

Her background includes owning and operating a small business and twenty years experience in office management. Tricia attended Wenatchee Valley College as well as specialized trainings focusing on business administration.

CTC Lead Technician, Debby Thompson

Debby Thompson

Lead Technician

Debby Thompson is the Lead Technician for the Videoconference Center at the CTC. She is employed by the North Central ESD and contracted to the Chelan County Port to provide technical support for the audio/visual equipment at the CTC. Debby draws from an extensive background and experience with videoconferencing and computer networking. During the construction of the CTC, Debby was instrumental in working with the contractors on the technological needs for the building.

Debby is the NetServ Regional Video ITU for the North Central ESD . She provides videoconferencing support and training to school districts in the North Central region and the ESD. Debby has served on the Polycom User Group board, the Wenatchee School District Tech Committee, and on a state-wide committee to implement new videoconferencing equipment to Washington State school districts.

CTC Security Guard Administrator

Laura Camarillo Reyes

Conference Center Coordinator & Assistant to the CTC Building Manager 

Laura Camarillo Reyes joined our team on January 2, 2019.  Laura’s title is Conference Center Coordinator & Assistant to the CTC Building Manager. Laura is your first point of contact if interested in checking availability in the meeting center and/or have changes to your already scheduled event. She is also the building tenant’s contact if Tricia is away from the office.

Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority

The CTC represents the single largest investment in economic development ever undertaken by the Chelan Douglas Regional Port Authority (CDRPA). Constructing a facility to cultivate the region’s existing technology community and provide a state-of-the-art professional, technical and business training center put the CDRPA and its partners on the map for new and expanding technology companies eager to exchange the confines of major metropolitan areas for the clean, green lifestyle of North Central Washington.

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